Minecraft OST: Corrupted

by ECCOstation

Key 01:29
Door 02:54
Death 00:54
Haggstrom 02:40
Minecraft 04:27
Oxygene 00:59
Equinoxe 03:53
Dry Hands 02:20
Wet Hands 03:24
Clark 04:44
Chris 01:54
Thirteen 05:20
Excuse 01:28
Sweden 01:56
Cat 04:08
Dog 02:13
Danny 04:13
YOU CAN SEE THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, SUNRISE BEHIND THE BAY. THEN AN EXTERNAL SHOT OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING SOUTH OF MARKET STREET. THERE IS A SHOT OF A WINDOW OF THE ROOM. IT IS FURNISHED SIMPLY. AS WE PAN ACROSS THE ROOM WE SEE A MAN AND A WOMAN ASLEEP AND PARTIALLY NAKED. THE ALARM CLOCK RINGS. THE MAN REACHES TO THE CLOCK AND TURNS IT OFF. HE SLEEPILY AROUSES AND PUTS ON HIS SHORTS AND WALKS SLOWLY TO THE BATHROOM. HE CLOSES THE DOOR. PAN BACK TO THE WOMAN WAKING UP. THE MAN COMES OUT OF THE BATHROOM AND SMILES TENDERLY AT HER. LISA I am not a slave here, am I? JOHNNY Did you like last night? LISA Yes, I did. (PAUSE) What time do you have to be there? JOHNNY (HE PULLS A SUIT FROM THE CLOSET AND THROWS IT ON THE BED AND STARTS DRESSING.) JOHNNY Where is my coffee? LISA (SHE GETS OUT OF BED AND PUTS ON A REVEALING GOWN AND GOES TO THE KITCHEN.) What time do you have to be there? JOHNNY (HE IS YELLING.) I told you many times! 9:30! I have my promotion to think about. LISA Promotion! Promotion! That's all I hear about. Here is your coffee and English muffin and burn your mouth. JOHNNY (HE SITS DOWN AT THE TABLE DRINKING AND EATING.) Old man Donkey lets me know today. I have to think about our future. LISA Well at least I don't have a promotion to think about. JOHNNY You have too much competition in the computer field. LISA I can handle it. You worry about yourself. JOHNNY You sound like we have separate lives. We will be married next month Lisa. LISA Yeah.... Yeah.... Well. JOHNNY (HE STANDS UP.) Thank you for breakfast. (HE KISSES HER ON THE CHEEK AND LEAVES.) See you later. LISA (LISA WALKS TO THE PHONE AND DIALS A NUMBER.) Hi mom. How are you doing? CLAUDETTE (CLAUDETTE IS TALKING ON THE OTHER PHONE.) I'm fine. What's happening with you? LISA Nothing much. CLAUDETTE What's wrong? Tell me. LISA I'm not feeling good today. CLAUDETTE Why not? LISA I don't think I want to get married. CLAUDETTE (CLAUDETTE RAISES HER VOICE.) Why not? LISA I don't love him anymore. CLAUDETTE Why not? Tell me why. LISA He's boring. CLAUDETTE Well you've known him for over five years. You're engaged! You said you loved him. You should reconsider. He supports you, he provides for you, and you can't support yourself. He is a good guy and he loves you very much. His income is very secure and he told me he wants to buy you a home. LISA That's why he's boring. CLAUDETTE What are you going to do? LISA Um, I don't know. I don't mind living with him. CLAUDETTE You can't do that. Did you tell Johnny about it? LISA No. I don't know what to do. CLAUDETTE He's a very nice person and you know he's getting a promotion soon. He bought you a car, a ring, clothes, whatever you like and now you want to dump him. It's not right. I've always thought of him as my son in law. You should marry him. He would be good for you. LISA Oh, I guess you're right about that, mom. CLAUDETTE Of course I'm right my dear, I know about men. I was not born yesterday. I'm glad you listen to your mother. Nobody else listens to me. I work so hard and nobody appreciates it. I try to tell them what they should do, but they don't listen. LISA I guess I'll try. See you later, mom. CLAUDETTE Okay. Take care of yourself, Lisa. Bye. LISA Bye mom. (LISA HANGS UP AND DIALS ANOTHER NUMBER WHILE SHE'S MUNCHING ON A BAGEL.) MARK (MARK, 24, A YOUNG HANDSOME MAN WITH A WELL­TRIMMED BEARD, IS IN A CAR AS HE ANSWERS THE CALL.) Hello? LISA Hey baby, how are you doing? MARK Oh hi, I'm very busy. How are you doing? LISA I just finished talking to my mother and she just finished giving me this big lecture about how big and great Johnny is. MARK We'll talk about it later. As I already told you I'm very busy. LISA Busy doing what? We'll talk about it now. Whenever you say we'll talk about it later, we never do. I can't wait till later, we have to talk right now. You owe me one anyway. Remember when Johnny saved your life? Remember it was all because of me telling him to do it? MARK Okay you win. What do you want to talk about? LISA She is a stupid, fucking bitch. She wants to control my life. I will not put up with that anymore. She's not the boss of me, and nobody's going to tell ME what to do! I'm going to do whatever I want and that's it! What do you think I should do? I need your advice. MARK Why do you ask me? I mean you've been very happy with Johnny. What do you want me to say? You should enjoy life. What's the problem? LISA Maybe you're right. Can I see you for coffee tomorrow? MARK Ok, about twelve noon? LISA Okay. I will be waiting baby. Bye MARK Bye. (LISA FINISHES HER BAGEL AND CHANGES HER CLOTHES.) END SCENE
Beginning 02:20


released October 29, 2020


all rights reserved



ECCOstation Seattle, Washington

i make music but i dont.

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